Pregnant yoga

Kiev Yoga School invites soon to be mommies to a yoga practice

Pregnant yoga: transformation and creativity

Yevgeniia Nosova, instructor of yoga for the pregnant, Kiev Yoga School,

puzoPregnancy is a time for the new feelings: in the woman’s body changes occur daily getting her ready to give birth to a new human being. Such changes may be pleasant or uncomforting and causing trouble but they are natural. One has to realize how natural this state is, accept the changes and learn to find joy in them in order to stay positive, transform the occurring into a creative flow, and be consciously present in the process of childbirth. It is so natural for a woman to do all the useful things while she’s pregnant. It is a wonderful time to get along with yoga practice, when the ancient self-improvement system reveals its capability the best. Conscious breath, muscles strengthening (including inner muscles involved in the labour process), relaxation and self-contemplation accord with physical changes in woman’s body, supplement the preparation to become a mother, help you feel confident, still and focus on the positive. Isn’t this inner harmony and foretasting the joy the happiness we look for?

Yoga is the ancient and unusual exercise complex. Unlike other kinds of physical training for the pregnant, yoga is mostly static positions combined with breathing exercises and light meditation.

Use the advantage of natural flexibility improvement while you’re pregnant and observe how you become more graceful with every practice, for you might not even notice this if you just lie around on your couch.  During pregnancy the center of gravity is displaced which influences the spinal cord, especially after 5-6th month of pregnancy. Which is why strengthening the back muscles and even more important relaxing them after the exercise complex help getting accustomed to the load increase.

The skill of complete breath gives blood oxygen enrichment and temperate physical exercise involving great amount of body muscles improve blood circulation. Repetitive yoga practice will make all body systems work better and consequently lead you to a better physical state and clearer world perception.

The most helpful gift of yoga to a future mom is calmness and self-confidence, preventing the stress and continuous tension. It’ll also help overcoming the pre-delivery fear which often bothers women during their first pregnancy and interfere with the natural childbirth.

In the peaceful state of yoga it is easier to learn feeling your baby inside, interact with him or her before the birth, so that it will be easier for you to see your baby’s needs in future.

Kiev Yoga School’s exercise complex for the pregnant is based on Hatha Yoga principles and the correct approach to the spine. Herewith it takes into account specific physiology of the pregnant. This complex includes only simple asanas thus preventing all the possible trouble during pregnancy such as constipation, edema, headache, back pain.  The emphasis is placed on strengthening the inner muscles, joints’ work out and gentle muscle stretching. Each time we use breathing exercise (pranayama), relaxation and focusing (meditation), dynamic exercise to improve the blood circulation.

Avoiding potentially dangerous body positions which may lead to back pain aggravation or cause trouble is extremely important in yoga practice during pregnancy. Among such positions are asanas with your pelvis pulled up high (viparita karani mudra, headstands – shyrshasana, srvangasana) and spine twists. Unfortunately in many yoga groups for the pregnant these asanas are being practiced. If you try new unfamiliar positions, listen to yourself and look about your state and the level of your physical preparedness. You should avoid overloads and try more to relax your body and willfully, with the help of breath control, release tension. You can learn to do that by listening to your feelings: pain and strong discomfort are unacceptable in asana. These feelings might say that you are making too much effort aiming to copy the suggested form when this specific form doesn’t fit you.  Each asana as a rule has simple and complex variations. Use the one which is comfortable for you and bit by bit you’ll prepare your body to do the complex variation of asana. Asana should be convenient.

Summing up I’d like to remind you that Yoga is not all striking body positions, esoteric ambiance and a fashion trend. Yoga is in the first place a state of stillness, focus, benevolent attitude towards life and all its display every minute of every day. It is wise and natural for a woman to devote her pregnancy time to temperance in everything, calmness and clarity of mind. Developing of consciousness will be helpful for you and your little baby in labour.

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