Corporate Vajra Yoga

Corporate Vajra Yoga classes in Kyiv

Yoga in your office

4 to 20 or more people classes on your request (in your premises)

13We accept requests from individuals and legal entries. Our instructor will come to your office to give a healing Yoga class before or after the working hours, or during the lunch break (any convenient time for you).

A number of substantial companies, our clients, include this kind of service for their employees as a part of social package. This is a win-win-win attitude. The employees’ health is a farseeing investment of a self-respecting company. The employees won’t have to go through the traffic jams in order to get to Yoga class. Because there are many better ways to spend time, which you usually spend in traffic on your way home. After Yoga class employees will be more capable of work and fulfill their duties better.

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