Vajra Yoga International Federation



Vajra YogaInternational Federation of Yoga CAS is an official registered organisation and in comply with all official regulations.

As of today we are the only organisation in country whose graduated are professional teachers of  proper way of spinal column treatment. Proper way of spinal column treatment is complaine with accident Yoga scriptures.  This method aims good impact and health support of spinal column and whole body. The founder of the federation is Anatoly Pakhomov. As of today we have more than a hundred Yoga Instructors. We also cooperate with Ukrainian, Russian and Foreign Yoga Teachers , Yoga Studio and organisations sharing our principals of proper way of spinal column treatment. We more then one hundred members practicing Yoga in our school.

vajra216We offer

Hat ha Yoga Group Classes

Corporate Classes

Individual training

Kids Yoga

Field trip Seminars

VIP classes – small groups

Yoga for Moms-to-be (pregnant woman)

Hatha Yoga Teachers Trainings

We are open for partnership and support variety of projects forwarded to healthy life support, environment protections and others for goodness of all leaving beings.

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